Turkish Language Course

The origin of the Turkish Language..

The Turkish language originated from the Turkic family of languages, part of the larger Altaic language family. It started to take shape in the 9th century CE during Turkic migrations to Anatolia. Over time, it was influenced by Arabic and Ottoman Turkish, which incorporated Persian and Arabic loanwords. In the 20th century, a language reform simplified Turkish and replaced the Arabic script with the Latin alphabet. Today, Turkish is the official language of Turkey, spoken by over 80 million people globally.

The Babylon Institute is a reputable institution specializing in Turkish language training for individuals planning to live or work in Turkey. Our programs cover all aspects of the language - speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our experienced instructors, who are native Turkish speakers, use innovative methods and interactive lessons to ensure effective learning. Cultural orientation sessions are also included in our curriculum to help students understand Turkish society and customs. We regularly update our course materials to reflect current language trends and prioritize practical language usage. Enrolling in our programs equips individuals with the skills needed to navigate daily life, interact with locals, and succeed in Turkey.

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